Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ice cream-making in the 21st century

I wanted to get a post up today, but it’s proving to take longer to finish than I was hoping. It’s going to be a good one so stay tuned. My goal is to finish it up by Friday.

As a replacement, I want to share this video clip with all of you:
Ice cream shop makes custom ice cream flavors in 55 seconds.

“Instant ice cream” at iCream’s store in Chicago.
I think this is a very cool (pun intended) and clever use of emerging technologies that iCream is using, and according to most reviews I’ve seen online, their creations do not disappoint.

The fact that the ice cream is frozen quickly at such low temperatures is said to give it a delicately fine texture because the ice crystals are much smaller than in normal ice cream.

This technology is now being franchised and could soon be coming to a place near you. On my next trip to Chicago, I would certainly like to check iCream out.

How about you?

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